ISO-Ing Technologies Limited focused its energies on the development of its project in the Environmental Engineering and Electronics and Information Technology market. All of our products and services provide an entirely effective, efficient and independent solutions for different aspect of problems. Please refer to the links below for a list of our product and services:

Installation and Mainetenance

Grease trap treatment

IAQ Testing

Environment Engineering Division

New Product - 「Dr. ESP」

Professional Service - 「Professional Cleaning of Air/ Grease Ducts

Qualified Agent - 「Indoor ESP」

Supply and Installation -「Stainless Steel Windows」

ISO-Ing Technologies Limited offers a comprehensive list of engineering, design, and consulting services to our clients. One of our particular strengths is in the design of systems to combat against air, water and noise pollution. We provide solutions when clients are faced with complex environmental challenges; every solution is backed by expertise that has proven its value through years of successful applications in a wide range of industries.


-Investigation and Consultation

-Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)

-Purified Air Systems

-Odour Neutralization System

-Activated Carbon Filter

-Water Scrubber System

-Ventilation System

-Tailor-made Products



-Investigation and Consultation

-Biotechnology and chemical supplies

-Tailor made products or services



-Investigation and Consultation

-Tailor made products or services


Electronic and Information Technology Division
ISO-Ing Technologies Limited designs, develops, integrates and implements electronics and information systems for different organizations in a range of industries. We have successfully combined Electronics and Information Technology together and each of our projects had shown 100% success both in the laboratories and in the real world usage.

ENS & IT Projects

-Information Kiosk

-Smart Card

-Remote Control System

-Software to Interface Management System

-Global Positioning System (GPS)

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