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ISO-Ing Launches New Design of Electrostatic Air Filtering System. Over 90% Effectiveness in improving Indoor Air Quality

Hong Kong-based air pollution control system developer, ISO-Ing Technologies Limited today announced the introduction of its latest version of indoor electrostatic precipitator named Indoor ESP. Unlike the unconventional air purifying systems such as ionizer and ozonizer, Indoor ESP has a better performance by using high voltage of static electricity to charge and remove pollutants, bacteria and dust found in the air-stream. It can effectively improve indoor air quality over 90%.

"In recent years the Hong Kong Government has been making a genuine effort in improving both indoor and outdoor air quality by reinforcing policy and monitoring. The move has made more and more people realize that the quality of air has a direct impact on human's health. We also found that many companies in Hong Kong are eager to improve the indoor air quality in order to make their business premises more comfortable to their customers, while providing a healthy working environment to their employees. Indoor ESP is specifically designed to meet the surging demand for fresher and cleaner indoor air in the market," said Dr. Y.M.Choi, Director of ISO-Ing.

The basic structure of Indoor ESP comprises of 4 main parts: pre-filter, ionizer, collector cell, and activated carbon filter. Air pollutants, smell and dust will first be drawn out by the ventilating fan through the bottom of the machine and pre-filtered. These pollutants will then be ionized by the high voltage of static electricity (10,000V) and be captured by the collector cell which has had a high voltage of static electricity (5,000V). Any excessive smell remains in the filtered air will be removed through the activated carbon filter, and fresh air will finally be released. This will complete the whole purifying cycle.

"The cleaning of other similar types of air filtering systems is often a troublesome and expensive task for users, since those systems require specialized technicians to handle. This can be a massive expense for users in a long run. In contrast the simple cleaning procedure of Indoor ESP requires no expert to do the job. Users can reuse the ionizer and collector cell after each washing," said Dr. Choi. Indoor ESP also includes an auto power-cut function. If the power is not switched off, while the door of the machine is opened for cleaning, the auto power-cut function will stop the machine from operation to ensure safety.

Dr. Choi believed that there is a huge market potential for electrostatic indoor air filtering system to grow, and the product will become very popular particularly in hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and even households.


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Founded in 1995, ISO-Ing Technologies Limited is a local air pollution control system developer dedicated in developing technology products that are environmentally friendly. ISO-Ing is a member company of the Technology-based Businesses at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP).


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