Investigation and Consultation

Air is always the major pollution problem in Hong Kong. It is astonished that the bad air quality is not only found in outdoors, but also insides buildings. Thus, it is necessary for owners and operators of restaurants, food business and factories to take appropriate measures to minimize the emission of harmful air pollutants. Bedsides, measures to improve indoor air quality in building should be encouraged.

Our Company has ample of experience in the treatment of air pollution problems. We provide our customers with the most reliable and flexible investigation or consultation services such as:

  1. Measurement of the indoor air quality
  2. Practical control measures in preventing the emissions of oily fumes and nasty smoke from restaurant
  3. Practical control measures in preventing the emissions of smoky fumes from coffee roasting factories
  4. Treatment of indoor offensive odour
  5. Improvement works in central air-conditioning systems

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